Agenda, visits and past activities Agenda of the year 2016  At this moment we don’t have an official agenda for the year 2016 because we are, let’s say, a  startup organisation. At the moment everything is a little bit ad hoc planned and organized.  We want to finish some projects in 2016 like p.e. literaric products. Of course we are going to  make some visits to some interresting congresses. We want to visit the Felsentor on top of  mount Rigi a.s.o.. Some more information you will find maybe soon at this place or you may  contact us.  One interresting upcoming event is certainly the one here in Zuerich from 20161112:  Visits and past activities  Year 2016 20160812, Meeting & talk with René Stettler concerning consciousness and about the Swiss  biennial about science and technics. Link to the “New Gallery Lucerne  20160419, Visiting the presentation “Searching for truth”about finding the truth and speech  about the publication “In the light of truth” from “The grail message” in the restaurant  Seeblick at Muenchenstein.  Link to “The grail message” foundation  20160312, visiting the second hand bookshop Werthmueller in Basel. Browsing and  rummaging in wisdoms of the milleniums. Link to the old bookstore Werthmueller  20160116, Swiss biennial about science and technics, Luzern. Topic: The enigma of human  consciousness. Link to the biennial 2016  Year 2015 20151003, congress “quo vadis” in Todmoos D, new insights about near death experiences  with Pim van Lommel. Link to the Ruette Forum Consciousness & world sense society