What is the meaning of “BeWeSi”? The original name of our society is “Verein Bewusstsein & Weltsinn”. “Bewusstsein” is the  german word for consciousness and “Weltsinn” is the german word for world meaning or  world sense. We just took the two starting letters of Bewusstsein & Welt - Sinn for our  original society name and german webadress.  Why a club with the name consciousness and world sense society? (Why Verein  Bewusstsein & Weltsinn?)  We did not find any solid reason or explanation for our existence in any of the scientific nor  religious systems, but we follow all of them. Also the meaning of life we have not found in the  known religious systems. Nature science is giving us anyway only an answer about the  “how” and not about the “why”! We just take the existing informations to reinvent and create new approaches on the  mentioned topics, because we think, that in search of the true meaning of life, science(es) and  also religions have to develop further until we achieve full knowledge. As long as we dont  have perfect knowledge these processes will not be finished. That’s why we are interested into  the research and results of nature-science; we do not deny science. In contrary we think, that a  human being is able to trust his own consciousness. Then, if there will be a creator or any  deeper meaning of life, we believe that our consciousness is a primary expression of it. We  understand the known world religions as a secondary expression, which have emanated  secondary out of the primary consciousness.  Also the occupation with and insights in the religions we’re not denying. Totally contrary to  that, we are thinking, that some religions are near to the truth, but never expressed  the truth  perfectly. But: To think about us as atheistic nihilists or unreligious ignorants would be way  off the truth! We realise some correlation of the expressions in the different systems and we  understand us as religious in our open minded and also researching questions about things.  Not science, nor religions are a primary truth for us. We just try to separate the obvious  wrong from the maybe truth with an awake consciousness  that’s in a permanent active  process. Again and again we try to give us reflecting and true answers about the eternal and  old questions of mankind. We want to grow on new insights and views and their sharing in  community until we maybe reach perfect knowledge.   About science and religion we think in a manner of “as well as while too” in the sense of a  (partial) mutual integration as in a opposite (total) denying. We understand science as a  postmodern expression of religion and self-discovery of the individual and of mankind.   It’s impossible for us to deny spiritual and religious theories totally, because some members of  our society have had out of body experiences (OBE), near death experiences (NDE), have had  seen their reversed movie of life in the process of dying and experienced the legendary bright  white light and even have had full death experiences (FDE) and so have experienced  enlightenment! Besides: The process of science by searching for knowledge and the  achievement of it, is a form of “religare”, based on the understanding of the latin word  “religare” and therefore also a form of religion.  Basically we only try to understand ourselves and existence in a bigger view and we just take  all the information we can find and think they’re helpful for this. We decide by ourselves  what we realize, want to believe or not. We are open minded and interested into new viewpoints and insights about our existence, to  develop our view of the world and hopefully complete it, until we die!  At the moment e.g. we agonise over the facts, how Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff still  try to explain the origin of consciousness based on the human brain, based on materialistic  explanations, while the outcome of Pim Van Lommel’s scientific studies and research is, that  consciousness is not dependent to work or function of a local entity such as the human or he’s  brain and this is a profen fact!  Well, by the way, this is a very interesting development, because Penrose & Hameroff and  also other scientists are understanding the human mind or consciousness as a product of the  human brain, while interpretations of the work of Pim Van Lommel bring up the insight near  to our understanding, that humans and existence are a product and emanation of  consciousness. So far the old and well known question about our existence, if based on  science based explanations or after all a creation through a (higher) consciousness still is alive  and remains unanswered.  Consciousness & world sense society Our society is swiss origin, that’s why the correct adress is: